Taking It To The Next Level

takingnextlevUsing A Business Coach To Accelerate Your Profit!

100% of my business is online. My company is a streaming media company; I represent a video company. The way that it’s set up is we’ve sold bulk memberships, so I don’t make any money on the front end of the memberships; that’s where my licenses go and sell the memberships and they’re making money on the front end. I make the money on the backend where I promote products and services to the members.

There’s another one called Your Marketing Journal, which is a 365 day coaching session which takes people from the very beginning where they got online and don’t know where to go, or I’ve been online for a few months but don’t know where to start. Basically it’s a journal; it’s actually a physical book that works with a private members area and a group coaching call. We work people from the very beginning to a year’s worth of setting up a business online and getting things running to make money that way.

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