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Social Media Influence: How to grow and brand your business successfully online!


When you post on social media sites does your content get shared? If not, wouldn’t you love to have posts that go viral and get shared and commented on by hundreds of people?

Inside you will discover how to increase your range of influence and how to get on the top influencers radar. Just look at what we have waiting for you!

Topics Include:

  • Introduction
  • Why Social Media Influence is Important
  • Increasing Your Influence on Your Social Sites
  • Social Media Influence and Your Business
  • Increasing Brand Awareness and Loyalty
  • Can Social Media Influence Your Buyers?
  • How to Connect with Other Social Media Influencers
  • What is Klout and How to Use It
  • Alternative Methods to Track Your Level of Influence
  • Sprout Social
  • Kred
  • PeerIndex
  • Simply Measured
  • Have You Heard of Google+ Ripples
  • Tracking Your Results with Ripple
  • Social Media Influence and Your Health
  • How Others Are Incorporating Social Media Influence
  • Posting Your Content on Social Media

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