Surefire Keyword Goldmine

Finally, Discover How to Research Market Demand or Keywords That People Are Searching For With the Free Google Keyword Planner…Starting Today!


Quit trying to guess which keywords are working and which aren’t. This training course was created so you could quickly and easily research keyword the right away.

In fact, most of this video course is screen-captured video, meaning you’ll see everything on my screen as I walk you through the whole process.

Here’s a list of this 9 part video series in more detail:

  • Video #1 – Introduction to Keyword Planner
  • Video #2 – Different Types of Searches
  • Video #3 – Search Type A: Keyword / Ad Groups Ideas
  • Video #4 – Keyword / Ad Groups In-Depth
  • Video #5 – Customize Detailed Estimates
  • Video #6 – Create and Download Keyword Lists
  • Video #7 – Search Type B: Search Volume
  • Video #8 – Search Type C: Traffic Estimates
  • Video #9 – Search Type D: Multiply Keyword Lists