Skype Room Revenue – Private Label Rights eBook

skype room revenue

Inside this ebook you will learn all about:

  • Skype Basics
  • Group Setup – This guide concentrates on the group instant messaging feature of Skype.
  • Commands – The creator of the chat (ie if you made it) can use commands to control various aspects of the group.
  • Management – Essential commands, group member approval, adding people to Tthe group…
  • Engagement – Once you have a group up and running, you need to keep it working well. This is all about communication, relationships.
  • Generating Revenue – There are many ways of generating revenue with Skype Rooms.
  • Getting Members – Focus on niche marketing techniques for Skype Room recruitment.
  • Affiliates – Find people selling products in the same niche as your Skype Room. This means they will have a list of customers who have bought a very similar product. Ideal to offer them an affiliate deal to promote your product.

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Product Type: eBooks
License: Private Label Rights
Date Added: September 22, 2013
File Size: 28MB
Category: Social Media Marketing

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