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newbies guide setting up membership

Membership sites can be found all over the Web.

From private, paying versions based on tightly focused niches, to free-flowing and free access Web 2.0 memberships, like MySpace, FaceBook, etc,

Why people join membership sites does vary considerably, but one of the most compelling reasons, beyond access to new, valuable information or resources, is the need to communicate and to belong to a group of like-minded individuals.

There are several estimates about how much money has been spent on membership websites in the last year or two. Those estimates range from several million dollars to over a billion dollars.

This business model can provide the income you want. However, the reader should take note, running a membership site is definitely not a “publish and forget” process it will require some steady work on your part.

Some membership sites have stood the test of time, whilst others have simply fizzled out like a burning star, and some just never get off the ground.

I’ve seen a lot of good – actually GREAT membership site ideas that never see the light of day because of what I perceive to be the biggest single obstacle that most marketers hit when starting a new membership site.

THIS OBSTACLE BEING THE TECHNICAL ASPECTS BEHIND THE SITE.” People get lost in the minefield of which script to use, well there’s something I want to point out right here and now, concentrate on the CONTENT – Don’t obsess about the setting up, obsess about keeping it going!

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