The Secret Files Of Barber Doolereze

thesecretfilesBarber Doolereze isn’t a real person. He is a work of fiction. But he is the , code name “that myself and a few others assigned to collected works of ideas, techniques and methods in Internet Marketing that you need to know if you want to make money online.

I regularly have chats with a very select group of people. These guys aren’t the big-shot guru names you’ve heard of who put out course upon course of theory and mystical formulas that when you follow you discover it’s hard to make them work for you because you don’t already have a few thousand dollars to toss behind the ideas and to make matters worse you’re now one of a thousand other drones who have just bought the same “secret information” and so competition is a thousand times fiercer for you than it was for the genius who invented the system you’re trying to follow.

I wish I could claim these ideas as my own but they are collaboration from a series of brainstorms on the phone, by email and chat sessions. The beauty of bouncing these ideas about is that we’ve been able to refine them as we go and figure out not only what is working but WHY it works.

If you don’t want to get burned or spend money you can’t afford to lose then this is the information you need to know.

In business, those who are “in the know” use tricks of the trade that become natural to them. After a while they just „do‟ these things automatically – a bit like learning to drive a car.

You may think you know what these trade secrets are, and maybe you do – in theory – but putting them into practice is a different matter. It’s like the difference between learning to speak Spanish at school and living in Madrid for five years.

But the key thing here is: It is the difference between those who make money online and those who don’t.

I have only recently started considering myself as a „marketer‟. I’d always seen myself as a programmer as that is predominantly what I do. But I soon discovered there is no point in


being a programmer if you don’t have people to buy your software. The same applies to anything. We all have to be marketers, else we have to let those who are buy our products and sell them at a massive profit.

As a programmer trying to successfully market my programs I didn’t realize many of these secrets myself until I stumbled across them. I appreciate all the sales pages you read claim to „stumble across‟ secrets, but I really did.

As I had conversations with those who I consider my „inner circle‟ it soon became apparent that they knew some key secrets too, and often didn’t realize it either.

Now I don’t use all the techniques in this book all the time, but I do use SOME of them all the time. I’ve not added any padding or fluff in this book – I’m going to take you straight to the meat and bones of what I firmly believe can be a life, and income changing read for you.

You’re going to recognize some of these secrets – because you’ll have seen them in use before. You might even think that some are old and worn out techniques.

LISTEN CLOSELY – You couldn’t be more wrong!

There are certain triggers, pushes and manipulations that vastly increase the amount of sales you will make. These are used on the most successful websites in Internet Marketing.

You won’t find them on little sites that don’t make any money.

But you will have to use them to jump onto the wealth bandwagon…and trust me – you will once you see how hugely successful they can make your business, and (let’s be blunt) how much money you can make from them.

So with all that said I am extremely proud and pleased to hand you over to the collective wisdom of the crowds marketing genius that is… , Barber Doolereze”.

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