Say Anything to Anyone Anywhere PLR eBook

Develop The Strength To Say No, The Courage To Say Yes And The Conviction To Convince Anyone

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Most of our problems in life come from the fact that we either agree to too much or we refuse things that we later repent. Though we may be highly educated, there is one department that most of us are lacking in… that of saying yes or no at the right place.

This e-Book delves into that collective shortcoming of the human race. If you think about it, this is quite apt.

When we talk about saying anything to anyone anywhere, we are basically dabbling about the two extremities—yes and no. Either you are agreeable to what you are told, or you are not.

But, it is saying it out aloud that matters.

Sometimes when you agree to too much, you might find too many things on your platter and though you have the talent to do an expert job of it, the shortage of time could be your downfall. You find that you are not able to do justice to everything that you have taken up.

As a result, you lose your credibility, and people lose faith in you. Though you are an expert, your downfall was that you took up too many things.

Naturally, you had to make a short shrift of things and everything did not work out as you had planned.

The other extremity could be a problem. There are some people who refuse almost anything.

They have paranoia about accepting anything. Refusal is their default reaction.

This could be their undoing though, because by unthinkingly refusing everything that comes in their way, they are probably losing out on a lot of opportunities. They are failing to notch up experience and goodwill.

They are keeping themselves away from self-development and they are earning much negative press in the process because people usually do not like being refused something.

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