Royalty Free Music Explosion – Master Resale Rights Video

The music collection is from a variety of genres. These 25 audios vary in length, some of them are about a minute in length, while others can be up to three minutes long.

royalty free music explosion
Here is the Complete Track List:

1. Stepin Up

2. Summer Drive

3. Techno Dream

4. Uphill Climb

5. Working Song

6. 12 O Clock

7. Back and Forth

8. Beatbox Rain

9. Bluesy

10. Dance Dance Dance

11. Dancified

12. Electric Jive

13. Escape

14. Frantic Fun

15. Jazz Guitar

16. New Day

17. Night at the Orchestra

18. Old School Acoustic

19. On the Dancefloor

20. Psycho Dance

21. Road Trip

22. Save the Upbeat

23. Saxophone Frenzy

24. Sax Break Out

25. Smooth Ride

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Product Type: Videos
License: Master Resale Rights
Date Added: May 29, 2013
File Size: 89.5MB
Category: Music

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