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Programming concepts may include information on how to write Web Logic startup scripts, creating Web services within the Web Logic site, steps on how to understand how the particular programs being written works and many more platforms that require thorough understanding.

programming freshman

There are several important aspects to consider before actually commencing on writing a particular program. Without these considerations in place, the individual could end up writing a program that will be rendered useless or inadequate in its ability to perform its required actions.

In This Book, You Will Learn:

  • Understanding Programming Concepts And How They Work
  • Techniques Of Writing A Program
  • The List Of Programming Languages
  • How To Choose The Right Compiler
  • What Is An Interpreter
  • And so much more!

From this eBook:

Some of the steps taken first should be to identify the problem so that the program can be designed to tackle the basic needs of the user who chooses to use the programs. Then, there would also be a need to identify the user in terms of their reasons for actually using the program in question.

There will also be a need to identify the computer that is being used with the program. Computers such as Windows, Macintosh, mainframe computers, and computers running Linux, Handheld Palm or Pocket PC or any other super computers should also be taken into account.

This is due to the fact that certain programs are not compatible with some of the tools the users are currently using.

The programming skill of the individual should also be considered, as the competency level of the eventual outcome of the programs should be able to address all the various issues that might arise during the use of the particular program.

Understating that a program is only useful if it is able to address the issues it is being used for is the ultimate goal for its existence. If the program is not able to address this in its completed form, then the programs is usually deemed unfit for use.

Therefore, it is important to ensure the writing of the programs covers every detail and reason for the program’s usage before it is released for use.


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