PLR Playbook Workshop

Now You Can Get Instant Access To A Practical “Hands On” Video Course With 15 Additional Over the Shoulder Video Tutorials Showing You HOW to Do What You Learned In the Course!

PLR Playbook Workshop

If you want to make money online using Private Label Rights Products, inside this videos series are your essential guide for you to get started and make it more profitable.

Below are the videos that you are about to enjoy watching:

  • Video #01: Understanding Rights Certificates
  • Video #02: Organizing Your PLR Content Effectively
  • Video #03: How to Find The Solutions Your Customers Want
  • Video #04: How to Make Your Content Unique
  • Video #05: How to Make Your Content Unique
  • Video #06: Converting Your Powerpoint Instantly Into Word
  • Video #07: Creating a 3D Cover Image with Photoshop
  • Video #08: How To Upload and Deliver Your Files
  • Video #09: How to Secure Your Membership Site Content
  • Video #10: Setting Up Your PLR As An Upsell
  • Video #11: Creating an Offline Workshop Using Meetup and Craigslist
  • Video #12: Turning Your PLR Into Coaching Content
  • Video #13: Adding 3D Images From Your PLR Package To Your Bonus Page
  • Video #14: Re-Image Your Presentation Content
  • Video #15: Re-Image Your Written Content

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