PLR Cable

Who else wants to view thousands of TV stations, movies, online videos, YouTube & more…All of your favorites, and post them on all your favorite social websites?


Earn 50% commissions instantly into your PayPal on every sale you make! This is 3rd generation web based TV software!

Introducing…. PLR Cable!

One in eight people in America will be cutting their cable cord in favor of internet based television in 2011. You can reach this ever growing market with our innovative Web TV software.

The software features full episodes of popular television shows, streaming channels and news, full length movies, videos, and even streaming radio.

The “Apps” section brings the best content the web has to offer: Direct video streams of news and sports from Justin.TV; Millions of Video Clips from YouTube, original programming from Revision3, and much more.

Here are a few of the benefits of getting World Wide Web TV Unleashed today:

  • Thousands Of Free Web Television Stations! – You get the best online television stations at your disposal, 24 hours a day!
  • Thousands of free radio stations! – Thousands of uninterrupted radio stations from all around the world!
  • Hundreds of free movies and videos – Browse online to get movies and videos to view, save, and share with family and friends.
  • Many children’s videos – This is an up and coming online craze for kids, and its alot better than having them find stuff on their own (for us paranoid parents!) due to the ease of access to online predators!
  • Watch content from YouTube™ – YouTube is the number one video site on the planet with tens of thousands of videos being uploaded daily. Find cool videos and save them to your own files for later review!
  • Sort by language or category – You can sort your videos, radio stations or TV stations by language or category. A pretty cool thing to see how other countries develop and host their Television Programming!
  • Play your own videos and music from your hard drive – This little innovation lets you centralize most of your media facilities for easier viewing as well as faster control!
  • Post your favorite TV episodes – Want your friends to see your favorite TV station episodes and be able to leave comments? Post your favorite episodes on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo Buzz, Windows Live, Reddit, Delicious, MySpace And DiggDigg.

Lots Of Oldies But Goodies…And A Slew Of New Stuff!


And here are some new transactional processes that all Internet Marketers should be using and receiving when they do business online anymore:

  • Guaranteed Protection Of Your Personal Use Copy – We have incorporated a ‘key’ generating system that gives you a ‘unique’ key, and the great part is, we monitor it against theft or misuse! And you only have to enter it once!
  • Secure Payments Through PayPal – PayPal is the leading online banking system and has top notch security so there is no worry about getting taken to the bank, no pun intended!
  • Professional Software Set Up – With our software installation wizard on hand to lead you through the easy set up (see screen shots below to see full process illustrated), you will have no problem setting this up in seconds!

You Will Be Hard Pressed To Find A Product As Professional All The Way Around As World Wide Web TV UNLEASHED 2.o!

  • No More internet TV hassles!
  • No More browsing for hours!
  • No More boring hours at the office!
  • No More Pay Per View!
  • No More unfunctioning, malfunctioning software applications!
  • No More Internet Marketing JUNK!

There Are So Many Cool Features, Half The Fun Is Playing With It!