Overcoming Resistances – eBook With Master Resale Rights

overcoming resistances

How To Blast Through Your Setbacks And Achieve Unlimited Power.

Being a scared cat is the mentality that says you’re too feeble, too little, and too insignificant to be deserving of true might.

Who are you to have a meaningful life? You’re simply one unimportant individual among 1000000000000s.

This notion gets to be a self-fulfilling prophecy. Actually, you’re so mighty that you’re in reality turning your own power against yourself, temporarily yielding yourself weak.

You’re like a king who declares, “Allow me to be powerless.” And that’s precisely what occurs.

Timidness makes you settle for runty, empty goals that don’t urge you on—if you even set goals in the least. You execute meaningless work that doesn’t interest you, live in a place you don’t like, and settle for dis-empowering relationships with other weak individuals who see you as some other warm body to add to their pity parties.

In the meantime, your real self is practically yelling at you, but you drown its Sound with stagnate entertainment, junk food, and additional distractions.

You weren’t intended to live hiding out under a rock. That is not you.

You’re selling yourself short, grossly undervaluing your real capacities.

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