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outsourcing plr articles

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  1. Appropriate or Inappropriate Outsourcing
  2. Backing Into the Project Plan
  3. Cyber Programmers
  4. Finding the Right Offshore Software Developer
  5. Help Staying Cutting Edge
  6. How to Make a Mess of Outsourcing
  7. Its All in the Outsourcing Contract
  8. Know Your Contractor Inside Out
  9. Living up to the Contract
  10. Make Your Contractors Work for You
  11. Making Sure Your Outsourced Project is on Track
  12. Managing a Diverse Team
  13. Minding the Store
  14. On Sending Your IT Work to India
  15. Outsourcing Out of the Country
  16. Outsourcing Testing
  17. Protecting Yourself in an Outsourcing Situation
  18. Selling Management on Software Development Outsourcing
  19. Taking the Teeth Out of Outsourcing
  20. Taking Your Web Development Elsewhere
  21. The Contractors Attitude
  22. When NOT to Outsource
  23. When the Contractors Leave
  24. Who Can Give You Great SEO
  25. Why Not Let Writers do Your Technical Writing

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