Achieving Oneness Through Unison eBook with Master Resale

achieving oneness through unison

Developing True Union With Others With One Accord Of Harmony.

Allow 10 minutes to sit quiet, relax, and scarcely think of what it might be like to live in a world where everybody lives lined up with unity.

Envision a world where all individuals feel joyous and connected with everybody else. Conceive of a place where cooperation replaces rivalry.

What would it be like to walk down the street passing multitudes of strangers and feel as though they’re all close loved ones?

How would individuals act in a world where “we” thinking substitutes “me” thinking, where benefiting at somebody else’s expense never occurs, and where everybody accepts personal responsibility for the wellbeing of everybody else?

In this domain of unity, you are able to always anticipate impartial treatment, no matter color, gender, or sexual orientation.

If you require help with anything, you are able to approach anybody at any time, and you’ll be addressed like a loved one. The very belief of individual progress at the expense of other people is totally alien.

This human races’ mantra is: “We’re all in this collectively.”

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