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Perhaps as important as what you believe is the manner in which you believe it. Your attitude can turn a miserable event into a pleasant one; or a good time into a nightmare.

new better you

By controlling your attitude, you have the power to control any situation and make what you want from it.

In order to determine the best attitude for any given situation, you should take some time to decide the kind of person you want to be, and the image you want to convey. You may be interested in being the life of the party, the quintessential sympathetic ear, or the strong and silent type with the ability to take the lead at any moment.

Once you are aware of your true self, you can begin to adjust your attitude to match.

Whatever attitude you choose, be sure it is a reflection of your true self. Being true to yourself is crucial to the success of your positive thinking program.

You have only one life to live, and spending it trying to emulate someone else robs the world of the person you could have been.

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