Money Machine Madness

Discover the amazing membership site secrets that will skyrocket your income, transform your online business, and let you suck in cash like a vacuum cleaner while running entirely on autopilot!

Money Machine Madness

Would you like to receive an extra paycheck this week? How about 2, 3 or what about 25 of them?

This product is going to show you exactly how to make a killing with “automatic membership sites” that run on auto-pilot… without you investing in over-priced membership software or spending hours every week managing them.

Putting together the ultimate membership site course has not been an easy or inexpensive task. However, I think you’ll agree it was well worth the effort once you see what’s inside this course. Plus, now that I’ve completed it you have the opportunity to view it all — risk free!

Here are the things that you will discover:

  • Module 1 – Introduction and the tools you’ll need.
  • Module 2 – Roughing out your membership
  • Module 3 – Organizing your content
  • Module 4 – Creating value and high stick rates
  • Module 5 – Creating multiple ‘thank you’ pages
  • Module 6 – Paypal subscription button creation
  • Module 7 – Site upload and getting URLs
  • Module 8 – Content Delivery System
  • Module 9 – Finalizing and Testing
  • Module 10 – Reducing support tickets
  • And so much more…

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