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Save Hours Of Time By Easily Merging A Large Amount Of Content Into A Single Document With Click-Button Ease!


Quickly Combine Your Content With A Few Clicks of Your Mouse For Easy Distribution Throughout Your Websites!

It doesn’t get any easier than this! As you know, one of the best ways to optimize your sites is to rotate content throughout all of your sites.

The only problem is that organizing all of your articles for importation into a rotation tool is a difficult task! It can take hours every time you have a new set of articles you want to prepare.

As a result, more important tasks are put on the back burner. You end up losing a lot of money you could have had doing another task.

But, just imagine how much easier your life would be when you can now…
Merge Your Content With A Few Clicks Of Your Mouse!

Let me introduce you to a new tool called, “Merge Articles.” This simple utility allows you to effortlessly combine your content into a single document fast!

It’s perfect for bringing together a lot of articles or other type of content for distribution on your websites.

Just click a few buttons and you instantly merge together multiple articles in .txt format in order to create one large article for use in text rotators and other tools.

Here’s The Full Range of Benefits You Get:

  • Quickly and efficiently take your articles or blocks of content and “merge” them into one file.This tool is perfect when you need to combine a lot of content fast!
  • Have each article or content block automatically separated using a “break token” that’s automatically inserted.This keeps your articles organized for distribution inside another tool, such as a website text rotation tool.
  • Rename the break point token so that it works with whatever additional utility you’re using!This solution is perfect no matter what purpose you’re using it for.
  • Choose the input folder (which contains all the .txt articles you want to merge together) and the target folder (where the “master” article is placed after it’s created).It’s a complete point and click solution!
  • Save hours of your time you would have otherwise spent copying and pasting!Getting your content put together is now a breeze!
  • Plus, much more!

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