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masteringwavesYour Guide To Buying Your First Power Boat!

A great deal of thought and research needs to go into purchasing a power boat – even if it isn’t your first one! There are many decisions to be made.

Certain elements of a power boat have a huge effect on the boats performance, handling, and safety. Not taking these things
into consideration could result in a disaster on the open seas that you don’t even want to think about right now. Let’s just say that not taking the time to select the right boat for your boating needs could result in a tragedy, such as death.

A powerboat can be defined as any boat or water vessel that is powered by an engine. The engine may be an inboard engine, and inboard/outboard engine, or an outboard engine. The engine may be powered by gas or diesel fuel, but diesel fuel is usually used for larger powerboats. Steam is another method of powering a powerboat, and the first powerboat was in fact a steamboat. Obviously, this method of powering boats is out-dated and no longer used.

Powerboats are typically between 10 and 220 feet long, and Yachts, which are considered to be powerboats, may be even longer. The price for powerboats can cost as little as $2000 for a small, used boat, on up into the millions for Yachts. Depending on the type of powerboat you buy, there may be sleeping capacity for 0 to 10 people on board.

It is a known fact that customers who are well informed are the ones that get the best value and quality for their money. That’s what this guide is for – to help you learn everything you need to learn in order to make the right decisions when you go power boat shopping. By the time you finish studying this guide, you will arrive at the boat dealership well-prepared!

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