Like Blaster Plugin

Harness the Power to Control Social Media Profits at the Push of a Button! Amazing New Plugin Leverages the Unstoppable Power of Peer Pressure!

like blaster plugin

Social media is where it’s all happening – or so the self appointed ‘experts’ keep telling us.

But what they fail to mention is that nowadays it’s just getting harder and harder to get ‘Liked’.

You can finally stop tearing your hair out because I’m here to help. This software going to show a new way of manipulating social media that will compel people to generate viral ‘likes’ for you.

AND it actually works – I know because I have the ‘likes’ and the profits to prove it!

Just like you, I was sick of hearing all the hype about the potential of social media. With all the millions of people using it, there MUST be potential there – finding how to work it in your favor is the problem.

It makes you wonder why it’s even called ‘social’!

Like Blaster is the future of social viral control. Below are some of its features:

  • use with any content to get rapid ‘likes’
  • use the right kind of media to get your niche in a frenzy
  • as flexible as you need
  • powerful group ‘liking’ system
  • intelligent group ‘like’ protection
  • automatic unlocking when your target is reached
  • next generation social scammer prevention
  • dynamic ‘like’ url controls where the viral energy goes
  • build multiple websites
  • encourage ‘likers’ to recruit more ‘likers’
  • and so much more…

Price: $3.95
Product Type: WordPress Plugins
License: Personal Use Rights
Date Added: January 9, 2014
File Size: 0.94MB
Category: WP Plugins

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