Kindle Riches

The Easy Way To Publish Your E-book On Kindle! Unleash Your Creativity, Become Famous, And Make 6 Figures By Milking The Kindle System For All It’s Worth!


There is information online on how to publish on Kindle, but it’s inconclusive and doesn’t take you through the overall process. What sets this guide apart from others is that it also has pitfalls to avoid for newbies in various areas that you will run into with Kindle.

Avoiding these pitfalls will save a truck load of time and agony down the road.

There are people that have brilliant works waiting to be engulfed by the world and money ready to be made, but need a helping hand. That’s possibly MILLIONS of dollars going down the drain.

There’s no need to let all your dreams turn into bitterness and disappointment, because the information in “The Easy Way to Publish on Kindle” will save you a heck of a lot of time from research and confusion by giving it straight and simple.

In this guide, you’ll know how to easily setup your work on Kindle along with the ropes on how to market your book and self without needing to invest a lot of money.

Here is what you’ll master in the ultimate guide to publishing eBooks:

  • How to price your works to increase sales
  • How to avoid different formatting issues that could cost you hours of aggravation
  • How to make book covers without having advanced tech skills
  • How to work with Kindle on a MAC
  • How to get your sales rank in the top 100 with simple promotional ideas
  • How to easily create a press release that will attract readers
  • Additional resources to help the publishing process go smooth
  • Copyright info that is typically overlooked by new writers

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