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What you do today could forever set you up for always finding and achieving highly successful Joint Venture Partnerships…

You’re surprised at how little information about JV partnerships is out there, on the net – now that you’re finally ready to find a Joint Venture partner of your own!

You’ve come across a post or two in forums, with the odd, veiled hint that makes you suspect you’re missing some “insider” tricks – and a suspicion that you might be unwittingly facing some truly awful pitfalls.

If that describes you, congratulate yourself for being sharper than 90% of your peers.

You’re right to suspect there’s more to successfully landing – and managing – a Joint Venture partnership experience than the “clues” suggest!

The truth is, for every successful offer, there are specific conditions that absolutely have to be met.

And if you don’t, the consequences range from a narrow “miss” in getting accepted… to ending up, a few years down the line, blushing in shame, whenever you think of what you did – and didn’t do – in this first, all important JV approach.

I’m not trying to scare you – but the truth is, there are definite small but all important points that separate the pros from the “too-new-to-join-the-party“.

And the reason not much is written about it?

JVs are so competitive, too many marketers quietly keep these all-important secrets to themselves.

But before you ever ship off your first JV letter proposal, you absolutely need to know:

  • 5 factors that can start your JV efforts off on the right foot – or sink them altogether
  • 2 types of Joint Ventures – and which one is better for your specific situation
  • The single most important approach technique you have to know – and how to correctly apply it!
  • 6 questions to ask yourself, before approaching any JV candidate at all!
  • The one, concrete detail you absolutely need to have in place, before any joint venture gets off the ground
  • The simple “easy-solution” action you can take right now, even if you’ve never set up an Affiliate Program
  • The simple, one-time “bribe” you can offer, if list building is your primary concern today
  • 8 truly fatal mistakes new marketers make that guaranteed to make JV potentials turn you down with a shudder
  • 1 other deadly mistake you may tragically make, if you don’t think this common misconception through

You see, there’s a definite process Joint Venture potential partners will be expecting – no matter how individualistic the style of the presenter – and each hidden point behind the process is like one big checklist…

Joint Venture Marketing – Creating Profitable Partnerships For Long-Term Growth

You will learn:

  • The easiest – and only – place to start (it’s so obvious you’ll shake your head)
  • 5 specific places to start your search – and why
  • 1 more place – and why you should – and what you should do when you get there
  • 3 ways to instantly up your name recognition – and respect
  • 9 general places to find powerful JV partners – and they’re right under your nose
  • The 2 best approach methods – and when to use which
  • To Google or not to Google – 3 “yes” answers you must get will give you the answer
  • 4 good reasons to “try before you buy” – even if your JV partnership seems “in the bag”
  • One self-scuttling error to fall into – even though it feels so good (and right!)
  • 5-point checklist to ensure you hit it off, when you first approach a JV partner – even if his answer has to be “no”
  • The single most important thing you must do before approaching a JV partner – and what it actually means to carry this through
  • The simple extra “tweak” to ensure he feels equally connected to you

There are powerful benefits and a breathtaking potential for expanding your market reach, if you do everything “right“.

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