Instilling The Right Values

instillingrighAre you frustrated with the way your kid is growing up? Trying to instill some values in him and failing? Fret not! Discover some of the most effective ways in which your kid can be set right!

Learn how you can make your child take the path of righteousness – finally a complete guide that gives you the best tips for raising your child – make him realize his responsibility and help him be a smarter kid!

Introducing! A New Parent’s Guide On How To Instill Right Values To Their Child!

Instilling The Right Values – More than 41 pages of valuable information about everything you want to know instilling the right values to your child!

These Are Some Of The Tips You Will Find In The Book:

  • What Is Parental Control?
  • Parental Control: Protect Your Child And Computer
  • Parental Control: Is It Enough?
  • Using Parental Control Wisely
  • Online Timers And Parental Control
  • Parental Control That Extends Beyond Your Internet Service Provider
  • Parental Control: Should I Create A Screen Name For My Child?
  • Parental Control: A Child’s View
  • Parental Control: Different Levels Of Protection
  • What Can Parental Control Limit?
  • Parental Control: Online Activity Reports
  • Parental Control Through Website Browsing
  • Parental Control And Chat
  • Parental Control And Email
  • Parental Control And Instant Messaging
  • Because Just Isn’t the Answer
  • Encourage Your Child To Feel Important
  • Follow Through Is The Key To Successful Discipline

And much, much more.

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