Inbound Selling

Report designed to educate people about inbound selling and how to use it in business to attract more customers!

Inbound Selling

While there are quite a few marketing techniques and strategies out there that have been working since the Dark ages, with the advent of the Internet, things have shifted and changed dramatically. Cold calling and straight advertising are no longer the only or even the most effective way to do business.

Instead your prospects and customers are actively searching for information. More importantly, they are out there looking for solutions to their problems. You have a chance to meet them were they are, “warm them up”, and help them solve their problem while you’re making your pitch.

This process of meeting your prospects where they already are (online), is what this report is all about – Inbound Sales. It contrasts to outbound
sales where you go out and “cold call” customers, trying to drum up business. Let’s use phone calls to illustrate the difference between inbound and outbound sales.

If your customers are calling in asking for a product, a service, consulting etc. those are inbound sales calls. If you have to get out the phone book and start cold calling people who may or may not be interested in what you have to offer right now, that’s outbound sales calling.

In the world of online marketing, or marketing a local small business with various online and offline techniques, things will look a little differently, but the phone call example gives you a basic idea of how these two sales technique approaches differ from each other. In chapter one we’ll go over how the two work and what sets them apart in more detail.

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