How to WP Plugin Outsourcing Upgrade

Software has the highest perceived value, and it often sells like hot cakes, but the problem is that most people hire the wrong programmer and lose money.

How to WP Plugin Outsourcing Upgrade

Most people will go and create a job post on a freelancing site to find the first programmer that comes along. Oftentimes the situation is wonderful in the beginning, but then just gets worse over time.

Knowing how to predict whether or not you will acquire a successful programmer is crucial to your success, especially in the long term.

With this 8-part video course you will learn how to develop WordPress plug-ins for a fraction of the cost and how to find the right programmer.

Topics covered:

  • Skill Set
  • Personality
  • Best Freelance Sites
  • Research
  • How much should you expect to pay?
  • Crafting the job post
  • Search parameters

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