Hijacking 24 Hour Creation – Private Label License eBook

hijacking 24 hour creation

A letter from a silent 6-figure income marketer… Let Me Expose Simple Techniques You Can Use to Make A High Quality Product Under 24 Hours Without Outsourcing Any Copywriters, Any Programmer or Any Designers – PERIOD!

What a shock when some busy marketers can still make a high quality product – but it’s not anymore with this guide.

Let’s See What Is Being Covered:

  • Real facts and guides to create a high quality product in 24 hours for full time marketer and 3-5 days for busy marketers.
  • 9 easy techniques to reveal high demand niches, even in internet marketing niche. You can combine these techniques for better result. (page 5-6).
  • 10 simple steps to write a product fast! (this is NOT related to copy and paste from EzineArticles).
  • What formats best for creating a product in 24 hours. You will be shocked seeing the possible formats to be created fast. There are 20 formats! (pg 9-12).
  • Many people afraid to make their first product. Here 7 proven psychological approach to push you to finish your product fast – even under 24 hours.
  • 12 easy extra tips to make a product fast for busy marketers.
  • How to make people trust your product’s value and quality so that they would buy yours with no doubt. There are 18 big tips.
  • 4 Golden Factors why people buy. If you know these secrets, you can manipulate these secrets to make huge sales and repeated profits – beyond your expectation! Not many people know these. (pg 22-24)
  • 7 techniques to motivate your customers to put your information revelation into action ASAP (as soon as possible) – if you are an honest seller and marketer. (pg 25 – 26).
  • 3 ways to find desperate buyers that would buy your product whatever it takes. I will also reveal a software that can find for you dozens even hundreds of desperate buyers who want to buy yours! (pg 27).
  • How to have a big determination to start and finish creating products even under pressure (pg 13).

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