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The solar panels for homes today do not provide 100% of your electricity and instead your solar power system is tied into your local electric company.

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While solar power can provide the energy you need for much of the day, there are times when your usage will spike or there may be storms in the area chasing the sunshine away. During these times, your local electric company is your backup.

When you have an abundance of solar energy, you have the ability to sell it back to your electric company! This is great news, especially if you are in an area that gets abundant sunshine.

When you have solar panels, they are not just hooked up straight to your home for electricity because they provide a different type of power (direct current or DC) than most of your home’s appliances use (alternating current or AC). Therefore, somewhere in your home, you will have an inverter that translates your solar panels’ DC energy into the AC energy your home can use.

Your solar panels, especially if installed in your home on the rooftop, must be positioned to capture as much energy as possible. Therefore, the panels must be installed on the side of the roof that is facing due south.

The tilt angle of your solar panels will vary be location. You also have to ensure that where these solar panels are installed that they will not receive any shading whatsoever.

Even a tree branch without any leaves can cast a shadow and decrease the output of energy produced.

If you are in the process of building your home or going through an outside home remodel process, it is the perfect time to consider solar panels. You would be contributing to the “green” movement and helping save the environment a little bit at a time by not relying totally on the electric company which uses fossil fuels for power.

In addition, you will save big each month on your electric bill. Eventually your investment in solar energy will pay off for you.

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