Google Nemesis Affiliate Presell Template

Is Google Nemesis Really The Profit Pulling, Push Button Software We’ve Been Promised ? Find Out Exclusively In This In Depth, HONEST Review!


Everybody is talking about Google Nemesis like it is going to change the world. Let’s take a step back and breathe a lung full of fresh reality for second. Never buy a damn thing unless you have a well balanced, informed decision about a product that you think you will need and use. So is it worth buying and will it be right for YOU and your business? Let’s find out once and for all.

Google Nemesis indeed set out to raise the bar for struggling affiliates with its’ powerful automation software and well matched guides. Although the system is clearly designed to appeal to the largest possible catchment area of internet marketers, it would have been better served with more focus on a particular level of skill, namely newcomers. The stats interface allows you to see which keywords are making you the sales. This is something that is worth 1000’s to know and is relatively unheard of in the world of internet marketing.

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Date Added: May 7, 2013
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