FB Ads on Track

There’s a lot of courses out there on ads but they assume you know how to set up the Facebook Pixel and implement the tracking within your funnel. The reality is there are standard events that track certain steps thru the funnel.

FB Ads on Track

Placing the same pixel code without any changes on all your pages won’t do you any good. In short – How do you know when people visit your site, your shopping cart, and when they make a purchase?

How do track when someone becomes a lead? Or perhaps they visit but don’t purchase right away? How do you make ads to target those people?

Without the proper pixel tracking in place, you would not know. This is why most people lose when it comes to paid traffic.

Within this package you will find the following modules:

Module 1 – Video Training
Module 2 – Audio Training
Module 3 – Sales Letter
Module 4 – Covers

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