E-Zine Profit Unleashed Master Resell Rights Video

Discover How YOU Can Quickly And Easily Own Your Virtual Gold Mine That Can Ram In Never-Ending Streams Of Income – Through Sending E-mails!

If You Have Always Wanted To Build Your Own Media Of Influence And Own The License To Print Money At Will Without Incurring High Expenses In The Process, This Is Going To Be The Most Important Letter You Will Ever Read!

zine profit unleashed
Announcing: E-zine Profit Unleashed – Here’s a sneak peak of what you’ll find in this 51 minutes 05 seconds exclusive audio session:

  • The single most important asset you need to jump start your E-zine Publishing business! No complicated technical or programming knowledge required.
  • How to quickly search and determine a hot niche or hot topic that will attract droves of visitors to become your subscribers and then ultimately, paying customers!
  • How to get your E-zine content chalked out quickly! (Hint: You can use this trick even if you DON’T have the fingers to write a word!)
  • How to quickly and easily set up your online newsletter in less than 24 hours and dress for success – and your startup cost can be less than a dinner for two!
  • Eight (8) lead-sucking strategies you can tap into to bring in droves and droves of subscribers into your E-zine!
  • How to motivate your existing subscribers to willingly promote your E-zine to their contacts! (This is very vital if you don’t want to be stuck at the marketing wheel forever but want it to continue even without your presence!)
  • How to “legally” get subscribers from other competing E-zines who are in the same niche!
  • How to squeeze the most benefits from using a very controversial marketing method in building your list of red hot opt-in subscribers!
  • The places on the web you can convert into lead-sucking gateways for maximum exposure and opt-in!
  • How to quickly and easily publish your E-zine in a friendly and professional manner. It doesn’t matter even if this is your first time doing it (yes, it can be intimidating to some) – I’ll show you how!
  • How to get your subscribers involved in every e-mail or e-zine issue you send!
  • How to deal with nasty and unwanted subscribers! (Hint: this is something you don’t find written in many books on the same subject – but it’ll be responsible for saving you energy and time when it comes to dealing with bad company!)
  • The three (3) profit-pulling powerhouses you can build into your E-zine!

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Product Type: Videos
License: Master Resale Rights
Date Added: October 12, 2013
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