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Sometimes online marketers think that the world revolves around the Internet, and they sometimes forget that offline business models can be very profitable even in these days of increasing Internet exposure as more and more people get online. There’s plenty of money to be made offline, and you can even use Internet marketing tools to pursue offline business.

“Expert Offline Informer” provides Internet marketers with the tools they can immediately use to target online and offline clients. Included in this package are five reports which are professionally written and come with full private label rights so you can personalize them and claim authorship. The reports cover topics that are in hot demand today:

  • Mobile Marketing and Your Business – Learn how to reach customers on their most popular devices: their cell phones.
  • Social Media and Your Business – Facebook is the giant in the social media market, and it continues to grow every day. Learn how to build your business and get customers through Facebook.
  • SEO and Your Business – Discover how search engine optimization can drive traffic to your website with little or no cost.
  • Online Paid Ads and Your Business – Advertising is still crucial for online and offline businesses. Learn how online advertising, such as pay-per-click, can allow you to get the most out of your marketing budget.
  • Webinars and Your Business – New technology allows even a computer novice to run a webinar, thus building customer rapport quickly without having to resort to expensive consultants.

If you’re just starting out in Internet marketing, or if you have been online for a while and are looking for new content you can use to reach even more clients, then the “Expert Offline Informer” package is just what you need. Customize the content, put your name as the author, and watch your business grow!

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