Ditto Content Repurposing

Are you frustrated with constantly trying to come up with new content ideas for your website? Do you suck at writing and wish that there was an easier way to get your blog posts done on time?


If you market online and have these fears and frustrations, you are not alone. Many marketers often become stumped when trying to come up with fresh content each day for their business.

Inside you will learn how to repurpose your content so that it becomes unique in its own right – No fears of duplicate content here!

Topics Include:

  • Simple Tips for Creating Power Point Slides
  • Where to use your new content
  • Creating Reports from Several Articles or Blog Posts
  • Creating a 10 Page Quick Report
  • Where to Use Your New Report
  • Repurposing Your Report
  • Other Ideas for Repurposing Your Content
  • Press Releases
  • Guest Post Material
  • Research & Outline Material
  • Mind Maps
  • Social Media Content
  • Using Your Content in Forums
  • Quick Rewriting Tips
  • Content Curation Techniques and Tips
  • Creating a Sales Funnel with Your Content
  • Building Web 2.0 Properties
  • Creating Landing/Squeeze Pages
  • Creating Videos with Your Content
  • Best Practices for RePurposing Your Content
  • Why Repurpose Your Content?

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