Developing Powerful Visions

developingpoGreat people have always been people with visions. They have come, they have seen and they have conquered. It is the „seeing‟ part that we recognize as visions. These are the parts that are useful to us.

Envisioning has various aspects to it. One of the chief aspects is that it has to be within the realms of achievable reality.

But what defines „achievable reality‟? Do you only build visions within your possible means? How, then, do people achieve the impossible? How do they go ahead of what their peers and predecessors have achieved?

Find out the answers here, and more.

Table of Contents:

  • Chapter 1: Visions that Work – Realizable Visions
  • Chapter 2: Building Your Vision – What Would You Need?
  • Chapter 3: Passionate Thinking Vs Rational Thinking
  • Chapter 4: Taking Your First Strides toward Reaching Your Goals
  • Chapter 5: Getting People to Envision with You
  • Chapter 6: Like Noah to Your People
  • Chapter 7: The Roadblocks and the Cynics
  • Chapter 8: From a Visionary to a Leader
  • Chapter 9: Reaching Your Goals – Does Your Vision End there?
  • Chapter 10: Visions 2.0 – New Trends for the New Millennium

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