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We live in a very chaotic world. We also live in a very polluted world. There are all sorts of pollution available.

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Toxins that afflict modern people aren’t just restricted to chemical forms. Chemical toxins and pollutants are very easy to screen. They’re very easy to detect. And they are also very easy to prevent and treat. The same goes with diseases.

You can quickly discover that a lot of the things that you choose to believe to be true are actually making you sick.

This video course teaches people from all walks of life to conduct a complete detox of their life.

Topics covered:

  • Are You Sick?
  • Rediscovering The “Wholistic” Person
  • Reclaim Parts of Yourself That You Have Overlooked or Forgotten About
  • You Are Part of A Larger Picture
  • Be Aware of Your Pollutants
  • From Victim to Victor: The Detox Path
  • The Most Important Emotional Detox You Need to Take
  • Spiritual Detox
  • Holistic Detox

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