The Debt Destroyer For 21st Century Living

thedebtdestroyWhether you’re married or single, taking control of your total finances might seem like a part-time job. A few simple ideas may help you streamline your time, orchestrate your finances, and cut back the stress of debt and total money matters.

Once the mail makes it to you, make sure it goes all in one place. Forgotten bills may be the cause of unwanted late fees and could harm your credit rating. Whether it‟s a drawer, a specific box, or a file, be orderly and make sure others in the home do the same. The size of the container is crucial. If you receive a lot of mail, use an area that won‟t get filled up too quick.

Table of Contents:

  • Chapter 1: Get All The Paper In Order
  • Chapter 2: Oversee Your Cash To Stay On Task
  • Chapter 3: Keep An Eye On Your Statement
  • Chapter 4: Utilizing Auto Payments

Chapter 5: Easy Ways To Get The Cash In The Bank And Protect It

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