Conversion Booster – eBook with Personal Use Rights

The goal of any opt-in marketing campaign is to get as many email subscribers as possible. This requires making the most out of the traffic you have, however little or much that is.

conversion booster

Fortunately, even if you get very little traffic to your opt-in form, you can maximize your conversions in order to get more subscribers with the same amount of traffic. These tweaks have the potential to greatly increase your conversion rate, potentially doubling, tripling or more the subscribers you get from the same amount of traffic.

There are countless guides out there, which could teach you to bring in more traffic to your opt-in pages. This is not one of them.

If you want to learn how to get more traffic, there are plenty of guides available that can help you. This one focuses on making the most of the traffic you have by building the highest converting opt-in form/squeeze page possible.

In this report, you are going to learn about a number of different tricks you can use to boost your conversions in order to get more opt-ins from your traffic. Even if your traffic level never increases, you will find your opt-in list swelling faster than ever before.

  • Testing and Tweaking
  • Types of Squeeze Pages
  • Short Squeeze Pages
  • Long Squeeze Pages
  • Video Squeeze Pages
  • Squeeze Page Elements
  • Opt-in Form Fields
  • Text Colors
  • Template Colors
  • Font Size
  • Template Style
  • Eye Flow

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