ChatPopBox is Designed To Increase Sales From ANY Webpage!


This simple to use software tool can effectively attract your web visitor’s attention through a Facebook look-a-like chat windows.

You can make the link go to any webpage that you like:

  • recommends an affiliate product
  • show exclusive discount and/or bonuses
  • advertise your other web sites
  • promote a one-time-offer
  • redirect to a newsletter signup page
  • remind your visitors to take action
  • and many more options!

Special Features Fully Customizable

You are free to customize almost anything when using this software for a more “socialize” approach towards your visitors.

  • insert any url you would like to promote
  • upload your own avatar image
  • import your own voice/sound alert
  • set your own timing for the chat box to appear
  • choose to turn on/off the geological location detector

Is This Software For You! I’ll be honest with you.

If you are a smart person who is dead serious about your internet business success, or someone who is really keen on making huge money online… then YES!

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Price: Free Download
Product Type: Free Software
License: Personal Use Rights
Date Added: April 13, 2012
File Size: 5.2MB
Category: Software and Applications