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casanova cheat sheet

Are you a modern day Casanova? Whether you think you are or not, the truth is that you probably know less about women and dating than you think.

And much of what you think you know may have come from talk with the guys rather than learning what women really think about dating and relationships.In “Casanova’s Cheat Sheet” you’ll learn real, practical tips that will help you in your dating relationships, whether you are a man about town or a never-dater.

Here’s the first tip: if you are not sincere, she’ll know right away. If you want to find your soulmate, you need to be real and honest in your pursuit of that special girl. The tricky part is learning how to do that. You also need to learn certain key lessons which are crucial in any relationship, such as:

  • Fulfilling the emotional needs of your partner
  • Focusing on special occasions
  • The importance of the element of surprise
  • Learning to read her likes and dislikes
  • Keys for successful dating
  • How to carry on a conversation with a girl
  • When to show interest, and how
  • Things to avoid on the first date
  • How to act like a gentleman
  • Strategies for online dating
  • The truth about the “bad boy” appeal

Whether you consider yourself a successful dater, or if you need basic help just to get started, then “Casanova’s Cheat Sheet” has just the information you need.

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