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carbuyingtipHow savvy are you at the art of buying a car in this millennium?

That’s not a trick question!  Years ago, you could pretty much figure on just about three different makes of cars to select from.

Everyone had their favorites and as far as colors went, well you’d better like black or white!

Financing was much different back then as well.  If you didn’t have A+ credit you could figure on walking or finding an alternate form of transportation.

There were no alternatives for borrowing.  It was the bank or a finance company.

You didn’t have much trouble back then with selecting a dealer either.  Each town or municipality generally had one dealer for each of the three major manufacturers and that was it.

What about used cars, you ask?  Well, you bought those at the new car dealer.  They were almost always cars that were traded in on a newer model.

The other thing you didn’t find much of back then was “hype.”  Somewhere along the industrialized way car salesmen picked up a bad reputation for promising the moon and not even delivering the bleu cheese!

The sad thing is that as the market became larger so did competition.  When you are looking at literally hundreds of make and model combinations you realize that cars represent a real tough competitive industry.

You haven’t seen any hype thus far in the introduction to our Car Buying Tips and you won’t.  Our entire premise is to bring you valuable information that will give you buying leverage when shopping for a new or used car.

That’s it.  Period.

You need to understand that when you are ready to buy a car, you are actually going to war!  Yep, just as surely as any soldier you will be navigating strange waters that may or may not be friendly.

You need to understand that “you” versus “them!”   “Them” represents all the new and used car dealers, salesmen and all the various methods for financing.

You’ve got to navigate these waters as if you knew what you are doing and where you are going else you are sure to run aground or, heaven forbid, be eaten up and spat out by sharks!

From the very first moment you step on the car dealers’ lot you need to be on the defensive.  It’s important to realize that in just a matter of seconds the salesman is able to size you up and come up with an unspoken profile for how he is going to sell you a car!

Believe it!  These guys are trained in sales techniques and how to recognize different buyer styles so they sell you exactly how you want to be sold!

The best defense is a great offense, right?

So, doesn’t it stand to reason then that you, as prey, would approach them, the shark, as fully armed as possible to ensure your safety?

That’s where Car Buying Tips comes in.  Look, we aren’t going to promise you that moon.

What we will do, very simply, is outfit you with an understanding of the guerilla marketing tools these guys use to try and land a big fish like. . .YOU!

See if this information will help you BEFORE you visit the car lot:

Discover the best time to shop for a car
How to avoid a dealership scam
When to walk away from a transaction
What to do about financing before you are ready to buy
Learn the difference between guarantee and warranty
How to avoid a scam called “etching”

Why you should never sign loan papers twice
Why you should get your own financing – it can save you thousands!

All this and much more is waiting for you in “Car Buying Tips.”  A simple title packed full of great information you can’t afford to be without.

Grab your copy today and accept our guarantee that the tips will save you money!  If you aren’t satisfied, you’ve got an entire 60 days to return it for a full refund, no questions asked!

If you are even mildly interested in buying a car, do not step onto the mine field without a training manual.  Grab your copy at no risk to you BEFORE you buy that car.  You’ll be glad you did!

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