Brick And Mortar Business For Newbies

brick and mortar businessHow To Start Your Own Retail Business And Finally Be Your Own Boss Once And For All!

Introducing – Brick And Mortar Business For Newbies – Learn Step-By-Step, The Tasks You Need To Accomplish On Your Way To A Successful Retail Business!

Who Else Wants To Learn The Nitty Gritty Of Becoming Your Own Boss With A Retail Business? No Business Experience Necessary!

Take a look here for a sneak peak of what you will find inside this information packed guide:

  • 14 questions you MUST ask yourself if you’re considering starting a retail business.
  • The reason why a retail business is the most challenging yet most rewarding venture you can start.
  • 6 Reasons why you should start your own retail business today.
  • Learn the one thing that will be the most important part of starting your retail business
  • 11 sections you must not leave out of your business plan if you want to be taken seriously when applying for a loan.
  • Why you can think of your business plan as an instruction manual that you write for yourself.
  • 1 Area of your business plan that you must know a LOT about if you are going to be successful.
  • The 3 major types of businesses you’ll have to choose from when starting up in retail… and which is right for you.
  • Learn what a Sole Proprietorship is and 6 benefits to running your business with one.
  • 5 pitfalls to being a Sole Proprietor. Know them before you make your decision.
  • Learn the 2 most common types of partnerships and how to choose one over the other.
  • 10 items that must be present in any partnership agreement made between you and your business partner.
  • 7 benefits to running your business with a partnership.
  • 5 pitfalls to look out for if you decide to create your business as a partnership.
  • Learn what it means to start your business as a corporation – and if this type of business is right for you.
  • Understand why you’ll need a board of directors if you choose this type of business start-up.
  • 4 problems you might see a corporation run into – and whether or not you want to take the chance of this happening.
  • How being conscious of your surroundings can help you pick the best business for your area.
  • 2 questions to ask yourself when deciding what market to enter.
  • Whether or not it’s important to start a business in a field that you are familiar with. (Page 15)
  • 3 different types of retail stores and which is right for you.

What you need to be aware of if you decide to open a franchise.

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