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Small business owners are busy! It takes a huge amount of time and energy to get a business off the ground, and that means that beginning business owners are short on everything: time, staff, money, energy, etc.

They’re committing all their resources just to make sure their business survives.

They may have heard about blogging and how it can enhance their business by solidifying relationships with customers, allowing them a platform to demonstrate their expertise, and providing a tool for them to stay in touch with existing customers and build a new customer base.

But blogging is hard for most small business owners.

Perhaps it’s the fear of having to come up with new content on a regular basis, or maybe it’s just a technology phobia that keeps many small businesses from starting their own blog. Often it’s the last agenda in a long day, and because of fatigue or writer’s block, it’s an easy task to postpone day after day.

Blogging for Small Businesses” is a great resource to address that problem. The author begins by telling a story that any small business owner can relate to. Then he continues by explaining in very simple steps exactly what a blog is and how to get started. Even someone who knows nothing at all about the Internet can follow the clear instructions and detailed explanations in this resource.

If you market to small businesses, or if you’re a small business yourself and struggling to get online, then “Blogging for Small Businesses” is the resource you’re looking for.

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