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articlewizEvery Internet marketer lives on traffic, whether paid or free. But beginning Internet marketers are typically short on know-how and finances, so it’s hard to gain traction online and start attracting traffic. The best solution for this challenge has been around for a while, but as a strategy it’s often misunderstood. We’re talking about article marketing and how it can build your Internet business for free.

There’s a lot of information published online about article marketing, but much of it leaves out the most crucial steps you need to get started. “Article Wizard” will show you exactly what to do, even if your website is getting absolutely no traffic at all. In simple everyday terms you’ll learn:

  • an introduction to article marketing
  • how backlinks grow your traffic
  • three keys for your bio box
  • tips on writing headlines
  • strategies for great articles
  • how to write for SEO
  • building your business passively
  • and much more.

I should warn you: for most people, article marketing is a lot of work. You can outsource almost any task related to your Internet business, but at the beginning you’ll probably need to write the articles yourself. The tips in “Article Wizard” will show you how to get started and avoid the most common pitfalls as you focus on article marketing and watch your traffic steadily grow.

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