American Football 101

americanfootball101Is your football team leaving something to be desired? Are you looking to skyrocket your team’s effectiveness with the most effective drills and plays?

What if someone were to tell you that there is a way that you can learn everything there is to know about football right away in one easy to read book?  That by reading this book, you could not only understand the game in order to watch, but that it would help you coach as well and play?  Well, get ready for this one of a kind eBook.

Unlike other books, this book gives you all the facts.  After you finish reading “American Football 101,” you will be ready to play, coach or simply watch the game with a better understanding and enjoyment.

Here is what you will learn inside this guide….

  • An introduction to the sport known as American football.
  • A look at the most commonly used football terms.
  • 8 Offensive Line Drills
  • 13 Quarterback Drills
  • 11 Running Back Drills
  • 5 Defensive Line Drills
  • 10 Linebacker Drills
  • 7 Defensive Back Drills

Not only will these drills benefit the players they are intended for, but many incorporate the entire team or groups of players from different positions, which will allow you to increase the capabilities of all of your players rather than just one group or another.

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