The Amazing Minisite Template Version 3

Quickly and Easily Put Together Professional and Nicely Formatted Mini Sites All By Yourself, Any Time You Need To!


No tech skills and no special software required. Use any HTML editor you already have.

If you sell products online, you know that it could be a hassle to get a new site up every time you have a new product.

You not only need some nice graphics for your site, like a cover image for your product, and maybe a header, and an overall template, but you also need nice formatting of the sales page itself (things like text, bullets, testimonial boxes, etc..)

And if you don’t know anything about CSS and have little HTML skills, don’t worry, this template is very easy to use. There is no advanced coding and “tech weirdness” involved.

You can use this template as a foundation of your new mini sites, instead of starting from scratch. Or you can take the parts you like and add them to your existing template that you already use.

Price: Free Download
Product Type: Free Templates
License: Personal Rights
Date Added: May 15, 2012
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