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Do you want to learn fighting without fighting? Won’t it be amazing if you could be trained in Aikido before you even realize that you started practicing for it?

Of course you can! Save yourselves weeks and months of pointless training prototype that can holdup or slab your trail to become an Aikido expert.

This well defined e-book “Aikido – Learn the Martial Art, Aesthetics and Spiritual Way of Life” will lend a hand to master all skills of this ancient Japanese martial art which is a fusion of attitude, defensive sport and devout beliefs.

Highlights of – “Aikido – Learn the Martial Art, Aesthetics and Spiritual Way of Life”:

  • Origin and development of aikido
  • Aikido and its significance for self-defense
  • The ‘Ki” concept- essential element of aikido
  • Aikido and the power systems of the body
  • Aikido – a course to self-finding
  • Asian concept of power, personality and mind-aikido
  • How to avert aikido injuries?
  • Unusual weapons used in aikido
  • Aikido – the art to eventual harmony
  • Aikido techniques – physical relevance and a spiritual polestar

Aikido teaching will aid readers to develop soft and innate movements. It will perk up our steadiness and synchronization.
Make Aikido a part of the daily schedule, and see the change!

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