Affiliate Whisper Software

Here’s How You Can Boost Your Commissions Up To Eight Times, By Secretly Hiding Your Affiliate Links From Your Visitors, Using This Simple WordPress Plugin!

Affiliate Whisper Software

Did you know that there are now hundreds of people earning six figure incomes from affiliate marketing, as well as thousands of people earning four or five figure incomes? But despite these successes, there are a lot of new affiliates who make very little.

Part of the reason for this lack of success, is that many new affiliates throw away a BIG chunk of their commissions, simply by failing to use one simple technique.

But now there is an easy quick-fix solution. Our superb new Affiliate Whisper software allows anyone to apply this essential technique to all their affiliate links, in just a few seconds…

Affiliate Whisper also has a second feature, called ’embedded links’ which hides affiliate links even more effectively.Ā Using this feature, you can earn affiliate commissions without your visitors seeing any visible traces that you are promoting an affiliate program.

In fact this solution actually creates the special affiliate commission ‘cookies’ (that credit you with the sale) independently of visitors clicking on your links.

Below are the features that you might like:

  • Easily Hide Links
  • Easily Change Hidden Links
  • Easily Embed Links

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