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That's how a lot of people, myself included, got started making money online - by selling products that other people created.

The real task is finding quality products to sell . . . and quantity.  Everyone says that you will never get rich selling one ebook.  No matter how many copies of the ebook you sell, you will always be leaving money on the table.

You need plenty of high quality products to sell on the back end . . . that is, you need more products to sell to your customers after they buy that first product from you.

Of course, you could spend the time and money to create all of these products yourself.  Or, you could spend the time (a lot of time, actually) and money to find quality products that have resell rights that you can turn around and sell to your current customers.

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First, take a look at the products you'll be able to sell once you download this package . . .

  MRR Product #1 - PLR Brainstorm

Here's How You Can Create High Demand Quality Digital Products Without Spending Thousands of Dollars and Countless Hours Simply By Using Private Label Rights Products and a Step by Step Easy to Understand System . . .


This 6-part video series shows you how to truly profit from Private Label Rights products, including an intro into PLR and the tools you need, and working with the different types of PLR content - books, articles, audio, video and software.

Following these videos will have you producing unique products from you PLR content in no time!



  MRR Product #2 - Exploiting Ezine Articles

This All New System Reveals How You Can Increase Your Opt-In Rate and Explode Your Sales, All By Exploiting One of the Web's Most Popular Websites, And Best of All Its Totally Free!

  • How to perform groundbreaking market research

  • How to avoid too much competition

  • What parallel markets are and how exactly to find them

  • How to write your very first article for maximum profit

  • How to turn one single article into over $1,500

  • And Much MORE!!



  MRR Product #3 - Tube Pros

Unleash An Unstoppable Traffic Explosion With 1,000's Of Cash-In-Hand Visitors  Swarming Your Web Site Virtually Overnight


Now, You Will Discover The Inside Secrets to Generating Massive Traffic Using The Power Of YouTube!

We'll pull back the curtain and show you how to start Viral Chain Reaction that will EXPLODE Your TRAFFIC!



  MRR Product #4 - 21 Tips to Viral Marketing Success

Make Massive Money & Quickly Explode Your Traffic With These 21 Secret Tips to Viral Marketing Success!


  • Never before revealed information about viral marketing that you can use to make your business work for you.

  • 21 solid ideas for viral marketing and how to use it with your online business

  • Secret marketing tools that only successful users of viral marketing know that have never been told before!

  • And More!



  MRR Product #5 - PPC Affiliate Marketing

Discover the Secrets You Can Use to Take Your Affiliate Marketing to the Next Level Using Effective Pay Per Click Tactics . . .


  • What is PPC Affiliate Marketing exactly and how does it work?

  • Where you can find tools to create keyword lists for your pay per click campaigns

  • What exactly are landing pages, and the key features you need to use on the landing page

  • The important Do's and Don'ts before venturing into pay per click marketing



  MRR Product #6 - Quick Profits Guide to Co-Registration Leads

Open Up Your Own Pipeline To Profits & Generate All The Leads, Traffic & Coveted High Converting Customers Your Website Can Possibly Handle!

The Quick Profits Guide To Co-Registration Leads" Is The Defacto Hands-On Guide For Using Co-Reg Leads & Email Marketing Tactics To Make A Ton Of Money With Online Marketing



  MRR Product #7 - Today's Top Network Marketing Strategies

Building Your Network Marketing Business Bigger Than Ever With The Internet!

  • How the people in your inner circle could make or break your business

  • Which simple mind set will better your business for ever and ever

  • How to grow your down line on a massive scale with little effort or money

  • The top mistakes Pros and "Joe's" make and how to avoid them from the start



  MRR Product #8 - Beyond the Newbie

Are You Ready To Breakthrough The Newbie Trap And Start Making The Six Figure Income You Expected When You Started?

  • Understand Why You Are Spending Your Time Working Online And How TO Make It Work For You!

  • Find A Mentor Who Can Show You First Hand What Your Missing

  • Build Your Business As Either An Affiliate, An AdSense Marketer Or As A Bum Marketer!

  • Create For Yourself A Daily Mini-Plan To Help You Reach Your Goals



  MRR Product #9 - SEO Predictions

Are You Making These Fatal Mistakes On Your Niche Websites? If So, It's Just A Matter Of Time Until You Get Caught And Tossed Out Of Both Google And Yahoo!


You are about to learn all about the future of Search Engine Optimization from some of the top experts in the field.  You'll hear from the likes of Brad Fallon, Dan Thies, Stephen Auker and 12 other SEO experts, all letting you know how they see the future of search engines, and how it can affect you and your rankings!



  MRR Product #10 - Tip Article Creator

Turn Your Personal Tips Or Any Other Text Into A Search Engine Friendly Web Page In Minutes!

This incredibly simple to use piece of software allows you to convert any text article or data into a search engine friendly web page in seconds and much more.

Simply enter a few details and you have a perfectly formatted web page!



  MRR Product #11 - 10 WordPress Themes

Why Are You Still Paying $200+ For Exclusive WordPress Themes?

Here's you're chance to get 10 professionally designed WordPress themes that you can put to use right away.

All these themes are "Plug-And-Play", which means that all you have to do is upload it to your server, login to your WordPress account, select the theme, and go!



  MRR Product #12 - Traffic Hybrid System

Discover The Simple Copy & Paste Traffic Method That Will Break Into Any Niche, The More Competition the Better!...

  • Why forums are one of the most overlooked goldmines on the internet...

  • Techniques to use when you want to promote a product as an affiliate or even as a merchant

  • How to draw even more attention to your signature file so you drive even more traffic to your offers.

  • And So Much More!



  MRR Product #13 - Sales Page Examiner Pro

Who Else Wants To Discover The Hidden Secrets of Successful Money-Making Infoproduct Sales Pages And Make Sure You Have Created "Pulling" Sales Pages For Your Infoproducts?

  • Instantly analyze any infoproduct sales page directly from the Internet and find out how the page has been designed

  • Analyze your own sales pages and compare the results with other successful, money-making web sites

  • Find out the Search Engine positions of your competitors

  • Find out how many "hypnotic" words are used in any sales page that makes the visitor click the order button

  • And Much More!



  MRR Product #14 - Profiting From Crap Advertising

They Laughed At Me When I Told Them I Make $3,300 Each Month From The Crappiest Advertising On The Internet

  • How To Turn Worthless FFA Pages Into Consistent Sales

  • How To Find The Top Safelists Where Prospects Actually Read Their Emails

  • How To Have YOUR Ad Stand Out In Crowded Message Boards And Know Just When To Post

  • How To Build A Massive Opt In List With Traffic Exchanges For Close To Nothing



  MRR Product #15 - Real World Affiliate Profits

Are You Sick Of Competing With Everyone And their Mothers For The Same Slice Of The Affiliate Marketing Pie?

  • Find Your Profit Margins So You Can Finally Make Money Online

  • Understand How To Sell Real World Products

  • Understand Which Is Better For You - Leads or Sales

  • Drive Specific Traffic To Your Sales Site

  • Guarantee Your Sales Will Stick!

  • And More!



  MRR Product #16 - Ultimate Exit PopUp

Why Let Over 95% Of Your Visitors Leave Your Site Without Spending A Single Dime . . . When There Is A Tool That Will Stop Them In Their Tracks And Suck Them Right Back In?


Today it is harder work and more expensive than ever to get traffic to your site.  It makes sense then to take steps to turn as many visitors as possible into prospects if not confirmed buyers . . . before they can leave to buy from someone else!



  MRR Product #17 - Stealth Newsletter Tactics Revealed

How To Profit From Your Own Highly Successful
e-Mail Newsletter Starting Today - Get Ready To
Start Mining Gold For Your Own Massive Email List!

You're About To Learn The Secrets Only The Pro e-Mail Marketers Know !

If you would like to have your own profitable newsletter that you can profit from each and every week, today is your lucky day!

All of the secrets of the pros are revealed in this tell all letter so listen up . . . "The Money Is In The List"

Now Let Us Show You How To Build And Milk That List For Everything It's Worth!



  MRR Product #18 - 7 Days to PLR Profits

Create Your Own Profit System With a 7 Step Program To Private Label Rights Success . . .

  • Build A Step By Step Plan That Will Work In 7 Days!

  • Develop A Sales Funnel To Make Sure You Get Something Out Of Each Customer

  • Drive The Traffic You Need To Make Your PLR Products Successful

  • Setup Your Website So Profits Are Optimized



  MRR Product #19 - The Money Crisis Manual

Learn The Exact Ways To Find Needed Cash When You're Living Paycheck To Paycheck, Strapped For Funds, And Don't Know Who To Turn To...


All of a sudden and without warning, your roof begins to leak! Your hot water heater shuts down and your computer goes up in smoke, the clutch needs to be replaced in your car and your son decides to have his wedding on the Isle of Oahu - all of this within the same week... What do you do?



  MRR Product #20 - Squeeze Your Way to Wealth

Grab This Amazing Duo Of Squeeze Pages All Setup, Coded, and Ready For You To Upload To Your Websites!

You're about to get 2 professionally designed squeeze pages that are ready to go - no graphics editing at all is required.  Just make a few quick changes, and you're ready to go!


Private Label Rights Included!



  MRR Product #21 - Sales Bot Generator

Unleash These 24 Hour Online Sales Agents & Immediately Skyrocket Conversions, Sales & Profits...

Sales Bot Generator is a simple little script you can use to set up your personal 'exit traffic salesmen'.  As soon as they get a sense someone is about to abandon your site they jump into action, giving your visitors a second chance to interact with your site and take action on your offers.

You can generate unlimited salesmen and put them on any webpage you want.



  MRR Product #22 - Project Management Made Easy

What you need to know about … Project Management Made Easy!

  • Project management styles

  • Financing for project management

  • Making your management style work for you

  • How to break down a project

  • How to work with others    

  • And much more!



  MRR Product #23 - 7 Deadly Webmaster Mistakes

Are YOU Committing One Of These Seven DEADLY SINS Destined To DRAIN Your Profits And Brand You An Amateur?

Constantly, everywhere I turn is yet another hopeful Webmaster making the same [critical] mistakes over and over again, each of which is EASILY costing them hundreds, or even thousands of dollars in lost revenue each year.



  MRR Product #24 - Gift Manager Pro

The Ever Growing Number Of JV Giveaways Makes It Hard To Keep Track of Your Gifts, and That Can Cost You Time AND Money!

JV Giveaways are a hit. If you want to build a a mailing list fast, they're the way to go!

But with the ever growing number of giveaways, it becomes harder and harder to keep track of all your contributions, and their results.  If you haven't got an extensive database system for your gifts, you will lose.  And that's where Gift Manager Pro comes in . . .



  MRR Product #25 - Turn Videos Into Cash

You're About to Discover the Mind-Numbingly Simple Ways That You Can Start Creating High Quality Videos That Suck In Cash Every Time!

The popularity of videos is steadily rising, and more and more people are using videos to make money online.  But they're doing a bad job at it.  Find out how to effectively use videos so you don't join them in wondering what they're doing wrong!




Buying all of these products individually could literally cost you thousands of dollars.  Many of these products regularly sell for upwards of $67 (and sometimes more).


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Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our product and it's potential. Any claims made of actual earnings or examples of actual results can be verified upon request.  The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, and don’t apply to the average purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results.  Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation.  As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money. 


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